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11 February 2016


Hi Antony, you can’t take the exam in english, but you do have the right to have a dictionary with you during the exam.

Hope that helps.

Hi Anthony,

Well I don't know the answer to your question but undoubtedly Philippe Boucherat, the boss at ULM Stex, Montpezat, SW France, does know the answer; he speaks good English.

Philippe is usually not on the field on Mondays, probably the best time to contact him is mid week, try 1100hrs, not between 1200 and 1400 local (French lunch time).

Contact details here: http://www.ulmstex.com

If you have a UK PPL already then the process is simpler (or it was simpler why I converted a few years ago).

Best of luck.

David Walsh

I sat all my exams to pass my PPL in English and sat the practical test in France.

I now have a French PPL and can self qualify In the ULM.

I only need to put in the flying time.

It is possible to Contact Roger at Limoges air club he is a English flight instructor working in France and I Strongly recommend having a good knowledge of the course exams.

They may save your life.

And it of course will make you a better pilot.

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