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23 December 2007


Just received your email. I have only had time tonight to look at the blog briefly but as I have recently purchased a house in Luchon in the pyrenees I am really interested in your articles.

Luchon has a really nice airfield. Have you ever been there? I am the owner of Helicentre Aviation Ltd and am seriously considereing expanding the business into the South of France. I would be interested in your experiences.

Hi Chris
Thank you for your email.I am delighted that you have bought a house in France.I am only sorry that it is rather a long way away from Limoges.However now I shall have a good reason to fly to Luchon!!.
I regularly fly to the south of France and I even managed a flight to Corsica in the summer which was terrific.
I really enjoy living and flying in France and I would be delighted to offer you help and advice on anything to do with integrating here,

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