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18 January 2008


Hi, as an older PPL (64) who is no longer current, I would love to fly over my house in Le Chalard and possibly take photos. It's about 30miles south of Limoges, at what cost and would it be possible for me to join the flying club as an affiliate member? Regards

Hi Ken

Sue is away-from-home this week but I am pretty sure that pleasure flights can be provided without club membership.

Sue will confirm the precise legal status but I know that an initial 'trial lesson' is covered by her own membership/insurance though club membership is required if the student wishes to undertake further training.

I am not sure if there is any membership requirement for multiple pleasure flights but the first one would be treated in the same way as a trial lesson.

See also Sue's web site: http://www.nearlyheaven.com


Les (Site Administrator)

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