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19 January 2008


I have flown to the UK from Deauville several times but never managed to successfully file a flight plan using their computer terminal—it always failed at the point of transmitting the data.

It was much easier to write out the plan and use the free phone situated next to the computer terminal.

Several years back, Le Touquet installed a direct-line FAX machine though it was important to press the correct button—I once got all strapped in to discover that no flight plan had been filed, because I had pressed the 'copy' button.

I haven't been to either place for about 4 years so I am not aware of their current arrangements.

I think it is much easier to just file a flight plan on-line with the free www.eurofpl.eu website. I really like the SMS verification that the flight plan was filed.

As of the past year or so Le Touquet no longer accepts flight plans being filed at the Ops Desk or on the fax. They have to be online so I always book mine on the UK AfPex system. You can also do it via SkyDemon.

They also turned the old Le Touquet Customs/Immigration office into an extension of the souvenir shop.

When I was there a few months back, I did notice that they now have free Wifi so it's easy to check your Sky Demon or whatever.

When doing a day trip, I tend to file the return flight plan with the outgoing - though i did have a problem recently at Deauville where it hadn't arrived so I had to file by phone and it took about 20 minutes to arrive at the tower.

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