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04 January 2008


I was in a similar situation back in 2005.

I had been flying about 35 hours a year with a syndicate but we experienced a few age-related problems with the aircraft (not me) which was eventually sold leaving me with a few weeks to complete 12 hours and a checkout to avoid the more-complicated issues of an out-of-time licence.

In the event, I went to Limoges for a long weekend and completed the flight test with nearly 10 P1 hours over 4 days with the last day being sadly rained-off.

Fortunately, Sue was available for a few days providing temporary cover at her old Thruxton-based club (Westonair) who kindly allowed me temporary membership to complete my hours and even signed-off my Certificate of Experience with a couple of days to spare(what are freinds for).

I recently converted my old UK PPL to a JAR licence so there is now no issue with getting the necessary documentation signed-off at the Aéro-club de Limoges

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