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01 January 2008


HI SUE, that's a goode idea, and I'm sure it'll be successful, we need a good teacher to provide an excellent training.
Good Wishes in your ENTREPRISE.
Best regards.

Hi Sue

Best of luck with this new project. Especially the audio files.

Having flown in France quite a bit last year, any help with french speaking radio stations would have been hugely useful.

If you're the same Sue Virr i remember, then you may remember me too. I did my FIC course at Aeros at Gloucester. You sat in on a few of the early briefs i recall. Then i think you did a few flights with Tizi Hodson of Tiger Airways in their Stampe.

I helped them out for a while whilst destructing at Gloucester and Cheletenham Flying School.

Glad to hear you're doing what you love and if you're ever in the area pop in to see me at my place, Skytime Flight Training at Gloucester Airport.

All the best and take care.

Hi Duncan

Thank you for your most encouraging email.Yes, It is indeed the same Sue Virr from the old days at Gloucester.It is good to know that you are still teaching and enjoying your flying at the old "Staverton"

I have been here for 5 years and although it was tough at first things have just kept on improving.

I have just arrived home from flying in near perfect conditions except a rather strong southerly wind at 22 knots but luckily it was straight down the runway.

I love flying and teaching in France and if you ever wish to organise a "fly in" to Limoges I would be delighted to help organise something with my club at this end.

Hi Sue,

Sounds like you're having considerably better weather over there than here!! I spent a few weeks last summer using Perigeux(think thats how its spelt) as a base, which is not a million miles away from Limoges.

We were going to drop into Limoges for fuel but couldn't raise anyone on the phone, but after hanging around at Perigeux for about 4 hours somebody from the club eventually turned up and helped us out. It was a Sunday morning though!

More bridges built the better. Infact if you can think of any mutually beneficial ways of linking up then i'm all ears. And i'll see if i can raise any interest for a club expedition down to your part of the world.

Anyway Sue, safe flying and keep in touch.

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