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07 February 2008


I have recently bought a chelet in Morzine and I wish to fly my Archer II into Anemmasse. However after careful study of the latest French charts which I prefer I am struggling a little to find a way around all the criss crossing noarrow restricted areas. The furthest south I have been is La Rochelle Dijon and the Chateau La Chassagne. Has any one any advice please. I have visited Anemmasse by car and talked to an English speaking pilot who says its no problem at all but I like to get things absolutely right. It looks very very complicated. I have 1000 hours IMC Night and Multi.

Hi Paul

Thank you for your posting.

I have never flown to Anemmasse and I do not have a map to hand which covers that area (at present I am at home recuperating after an operation, without access to all my maps etc).

I have flown East to Clermont Ferrand several times and I did not find the restricted areas a problem.

If you speak to SIV ( which is the equivalent of our FIS) they will advise you, if the areas are active or not and guide you if required.

With your 1000 hours you are obviously an experienced pilot.When do you intend to make this trip?

If it is in the future and not immediate,I will endeavor to look at the relevant charts and come back to you on this one.

If you wish to speak to me personally please feel free to email me on info@nearlyheaven.com

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