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01 February 2008


I have just read you article about the DA40 on your blog. It sounds fantastic and a challenge, and I was wondering if maybe one day I could have a go in it. Or maybe you think that it is better that I stick to the Robins for the moment.

Best Wishes


Hi Matt

The answer to your question is yes, we can have a go and convert you to the DA40 without any problem.

No reason that you can’t fly both aircraft and the club DA40 costs about the same as the DR400-180.

Best wishes


I have been totally absorbed in you website and the advice therein all evening. some excellent information.

I am a fairly new PPL (18 months) and have flown to France previously and Germany with my Syndicate group in a TB10 and AA5.

I am looking to fly to your field, if possible, in the near future plus I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Spain, the Murcia area, to visit friends who live there.

Looking at the map, it would seem prudent to fly around the Pyrenees to the east?

Do you have any advice. Obviously your airfield would be a good stop over point, your advice on Florida is correct, other people say the same.

France, Spain, etc, look very inviting.

Hope you have time to reply and hope to visit your location and do some conversion training on the Robin or Diamond Star possibly!

Hi Bob

Many thanks for your email, I am delighted that you enjoyed my new site. This site is in it's infancy at present and we are adding to it on a daily basis.

We have just finished recording the English/French radio telephony audio file and this will be up and running in the very near future.

I was delighted to obtain some editorial in the March issue of Pilot Magazine.

It would be a pleasure to meet you at Limoges when you are en route to Spain and, if I can offer any further advice or help for your flight, do not hesitate to contact me.

I agree with you on your choice of route to Spain. If you leave Limoges and fly south over Brive and then may I suggest a stop in Carcassonne. The walled city is fantastic and you can actually get B+B in the old city itself which is full of interesting shops and restaurants. It is an experience which should not be missed).

I am always pleased to see PPL holders making the most of their licences, flying to distant places. and widening their horizons.

That is what makes flying such a wonderful fulfilling experience.

Best wishes


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