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31 March 2008


Tuesday, 1st April

Good morning, Sue!

...I've just woken up... How are you?

Thank you very much for sending these snapshots. As if they were sent on purpose - I am to start a two-hour class with some PCs logged to the web this morning, and I had already forgotten that your links could provide major information for my student pilots. I am busy preparing mp3 files for breaking the news - as new as possible - so I don't have much time. I found jobs, but it's never well-paid enough, so I'd rather remain in the Air Force as the private companies don't raise their salaries...



hi i am 13 and want to be a pilot for the raf, but it looks like if i dont past i can always join ryanair as they just skid around i had heard ryanair took shortcuts but this beats the cake yes well messy um do they need a person to wash the plane i hope they paid to dry clean everyones clothes or did they charge extra for the scary entertainment do they not relize they are miles from disney land.

I saw this on april fools day and wonder who is the fool haha.


We all enjoy a laugh at Ryanair's expense, particularly over their charging policies, but the fact is that they are an excellent and highly-professional airline offering fantastic value for money.

Hi Toni
Thank you for your message.
I am delighted to have helped you.This is what the blog is about, offering and receiving information for the aviation community who wish to fly in France.
Keep up the good work and keep the postings "alive".

Hi Michael
I too thank you for your comments and I totally agree with Les King.We all love to knock Ryan Air but the airline provides an excellent professional low cost service,Which give the British students/pilots the means to have a low cost flying holiday here in France.

RyanAir has an extensive FDA (flight data analysis) program. I wonder if long-landing, or non-stable approach events where being seen in the data and if so, what was being done either by the flight safety department, in terms of communicating that to the flight operations department, or if their flight operations department was actually involved in examining de-identified data, did they do anything, again if the data showed a risk of overrun associated with such approaches and landings. If it was there in the data and no one did anything, there is another aspect to this entire issue which has yet to be investigated.

Hi Sue, as a follow up to the Ryanair water ski team. I was talking over a pint in the local with a friend who is a First Officer with Ryanair and showed him the pic's. He was greatly amused and said he had flown the aircraft a few days ago and although it had been cleaned and checked out OK it still produced a few bits of mud after a flight from various small holes ect.

C'est la vie!! life goes on and the plane is back in service.That is a positive ending to the "incident".
I send my best wishes to the Pilot he did an excellent job to recover with no injuries to people or plane.

He must have forgotten to release breakes off when taking off.......... we irish have a habbit of doing the complete opposite of what we are saposed to do ....... no matter, i all ways said lifejackets are for water and paracutes are for land .....but hey airlines industrys mmmm what year is it again .........so way in all thats flying that these airline companys develop a plane that if some thing happens that the pliot can't control ....that the plane breaks up and cutes deployed ok may not all will live but 90% will i guess its cheaper for a pay for a life ......A30's a lot of problems with them not my commet some thing i read in arline mag ...at least the ryan air landed ........should have gone to speck savers..........

Is that the new Boeing deep furrow plough?

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