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16 March 2008


I am on the case and I shall come back to you on this.

I put this question to our chief flying instructor, his reply was that you should ask the CAA for a definitive reply because in France you can ONLY fly inside French airspace with an FAA license on a French aircraft.
This is an interim answer I shall try to find the definitive answer for you.

Hi David - back again with an answer from The Civil Aviation Authority

In summary, my contact says:

"He can fly it anywhere in the World provided that his FAA Licence is valid, he has had a biennial flight review and holds an FAA Medical Certificate".

This is subject to the following restrictions:

1/ No 'public transport', 'arial work', or flying for remuneration

2/ No flying in controlled airspace requiring compliance with IFR rules

3/ No giving of flying instruction

All of this is in accordance with the rules set out in CAP 393—Air Navigation: The order and the regulations.

Article 26(4)is the relevant section

It is also suggested that you carry a copy of Article 26 in case you are ramp-checked.

(Article 26(4) is on Page 53)

My contact followed-up with a further message:

One thing I should have added is that he will also need a radio licence which
could be a UK FRTOL or a FCC Raditelephone Certificate as the FAA PPL has
no RT privileges outside of the USA.


He will also need English Language proficiency on his FAA Licence after 5 March 2009.

The FAA have filed a difference with ICAO for 1 year.

I am hoping for a response to the original question from DGAC though I think the rules on this issue are bascially dictated by the country in which the aircraft is registered.



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