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25 March 2008


Hi Pierrette

Many of our club members are keen to polish-up their English in the light of the new language-proficiency rule, even though the French authorities do not intend to implemnt this immediately for Private Pilots.

I don't know of any internet-based services in the UK though there are a number of UK airfields offering ATIS by telephone.

This is a list from my out-of-date (2005) Pooley's Guide.

From France, use the international code +44 and drop the first zero

Alderney 01481 238957
Birmingham 0121 780 0910
Coventry 024 7688 2668
Glasgow 0141 887 7449
Guernsey 01481 238957
Jersey 01534 498073
Leeming 01677 423041 x7770
Linton on Ouse 01347 848261 x7467
London Stanstead 01279 669325
Lossiemouth 01343 81 7666
Lyneham 01249 897 308
Manchester 0161 499 2324
Norwich 01603 420640
Stornoway 01851 707444
Waddington 01522 727305

Actually, the English-language version of ATIS at French airfields is generally pretty-good.

We will be producing an new version of our 'Radio Calls' article (with audio in English) in the near future.




I am British, hold UK JAR PPL and unrestricted (ie VFR/IFR/HF) FRTOL. I also hold a French DGAC CPL/IR. However the DGAC insist that I take an English test (in Paris) in order to use English language while flying IFR. Indeed my CPL is restricted to using French radiotelephony!

Are any other British pilots in France in the same situation as me? It really is bureaucratic madness not to accept a CAA FRTOL as proof of English radiotelephony competence!

I am currently researching the answer to your question at a higher level.Personally, but not definitively, I see this as a response to the new ICAO English RT rules.We all have to have the level of competency added to our licenses.I can not see that it is related to FRTOL.As soon as I find the correct answer I shall respond again to your posting.

Bonjour Pierrette

Try this:


(If it won't play on that page, select 'Launch in external player'.)

It's from a site aimed at aircraft enthusiasts rather than pilots. But the recording is genuine.

Although from Bristol, which is a fairly large airport, it's exactly the same system (ie voice) used at the much smaller Shoreham (my home airfield).

I'd say it's typical, and therefore should give you some good practice. ATIS can sometimes be much faster though - as at Southend, for example.

There are also lots of Tower RT transmissions here:


Hope that helps.

Bon chance!


Thanks for the audio links Rob - Just what we were looking for.

I deleted the duplicate comment in case you wondered where it went.


Les King
Site Administrator

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the ATIS sound clip page and sound clips pages of the bristol-airfield.co.uk website have been temporarily removed as the website is currently being redesigned I am hoping to relaunch the website in about a months time. Once the website is back online I can let you all know if you like.

(Creator of www.bristol-airfield.co.uk)

Thanks Andrew

The Bristol live ATIS is very handy for French pilots who want to improve their English so we will be happy to announce it's return.

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