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23 March 2008



Many congratulations on your web site which I read of in March 2008 "Pilot."

I lived as an ex-pat outside Paris for six years; learned the lingo, fell in love with the country etc.

Had to return home to Blighty to restore some sense of English cultural identity for my family, but expect my wife and I will one day return to the land of milk and honey (well good wine and decent bread).

I have just packed in an IT career and start as an FI(R) on Monday. Felt there was a need for a decent english language site for english aviators in France for some time - but now I wont have to write it myself I can concentrate on remembering Lookout-attitude-Instruments and Select-Hold-trim.

Hope the site really takes off and maybe when I am established in my new job I will be able to bring a party to visit you.

Best wishes


Hi James

Thank you for a very nice letter regarding the francoflyers web site.

I am pleased that you like the site. It is still in it's infancy at present and we hope to keep improving it as time goes by.

You are being very brave to give up an established career in IT to fulfil your dream.

I admire that quality very much. I wish you luck and lots of good flying weather.

Where did you do your FI training?

Your words took me back to when I was training with Chris Caine at Halfpenny Green where "Look out-attitude-instruments" was written in indelible pen on my brain during my training.

Keep up the postings and I hope that you will come with your students to visit the Limoges area in the future.

Best wishes


Hello Sue,

Thank you for your reply.

I did my FI course with Dorothy Pooley who is based at Shoreham.

Dorothy is married to Robert, and Robert's company produce the guides advertised using the slogan - "dont take off without your Pooleys."

They are also Pooley-Delage in France I believe.

It was an excellent course and Dorothy has been very supportive of me since I finished, offering me little bits of work until I could find a proper job.

With Dorothy's encouragement, I have written an article for the first edition of a magazine called "Instructor".

It is to be published by Pooleys and circulated to every flying instructor and flying club in the UK.

There will be a limited number of copies of the first run but I will try and get one for you.

If you like it, I am sure there would be opportunities for you to write about Flying in France.

Please let me know if this idea appeals.

Best wishes


Hi James

Thanks for your reply.

I know Dorothy Pooley slightly as we are both members of the BWPA .

You will have had an excellent start to your Aviation career with Dorothy's teaching.

Please send her my regards.

I will, of course, be delighted to write for the new magazine if the opportunity arises.

Best wishes



I am a French pilot flying at the Aéroclub de Limoges.

I wanted to fly using the radio in English (even in France, anyway we shall to do soon, I think) and for this I ask Sue.

We are fortunate at Aéroclub de Limoges, we have Sue, planes not too expensive, an international airport, beautiful landscapes, beautiful redhead cows (Limousines) and sometimes a little sun for flying!

I already had two flights with Sue, she said radio calls in English and I try to repeat it all with a horrible French accent, but the (French) controller understands ...

I thank Sue for her patience. I often ask her to repeat because I did not understand correctly.

I have some difficulties speaking English on the ground, but when I'm flying, I will need a lot of practice to be really at ease.

I am not available to fly very regularly in English with Sue which is a pity.

My next good resolution for the new year?


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