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09 March 2008


So so true, it was great to fly again after what seemed such a looooong time. I had been excited all day before my lesson, thinking at last it's Friday evening and at the end of the day I am going to fly again.

I think my brother liked it more than he let on, but even he had to say how great it was to see Limoges and the local area from the air.

And even better on Saturday we flew to La Rochelle where we did a tour of Île de Ré and Île d’Oléron and then returned to Limoges, It has to be one of my favoutite flights so far.

I am really pleased that I have passed three exams, but still a few more to go. I must say thank you for letting me spend my weeks work experience with you it was very kind, and I enjoyed it so much.

I will be posting my story soon.

Best Wishes


Finally i have got down to posting my piece on franco flyers, My name is Ian, from Sussex. I started my PPL training in 2003, starting in a Piper Warrior, out of Shoreham.
After doing twenty three hours i still hadn't gone solo and was getting fed up with the cost spiralling, and feeling i was not getting anywhere.
I contacted Sue and and arranged for my first trip to fly in France, My partner Carole, and my self arrived in April 2006, and after having got over the drive, the following morning headed to the airfield, and got into the swing of things with the walk around, then into the left seat for a briefing from Sue, after the Warrior the Robin was a breath of fresh air, modern, tidy clean, and a view that was fantastic. With all checks complete we trundled off and lined up for take-off on 03, with a crosswind from the right we set off, we rotated and got airbourne but not before hanging on to the stick like my life depended on it, Sue battled to bring it back before we could touch the tower with the wingtip, and off we went.
Over the next few days things became easier, aparted from the landing which took me a while due to me flying a forty year old warrior, but it came together.
I came back over the next few months and did more and more, and eventually went solo which was fantastic.
Eventually in November the time had come to do the skills test, unfortunately it didn't quite go to plan, and i flew off to Bergerac with the sun on the nose and flew six miles off course, and had a complete mental block, as well as a dry mouth, and a pounding heart, everthing else was ok, so had another hour with Sue the next day to refresh, and then flew to poitier to finish what i had started.
And after a really rocky start, i finally got the piece of paper with all the ticks in the right boxes.
I have to say the experience in france has been fantastic, the club members, and committee have been great, ATC couldn't have been more helpful.
So in April im coming to do the conversion to the Diamond star and can't wait.

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