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18 March 2008


Hi my name is Mike Driscoll, i'm 57, I live in a small village called Espedaillac in the lot which is only 5 minutes away from Figeac/livernon airfield
I moved here with my wife Sarah 2 years ago and we have built a house.
For twenty years I flew hang gliders and spent a lot of time in France flying [better weather higher mountains etc.]
Then I was given a trial flight at Manston in Kent and I was hooked. After 7 hours instruction I went solo and got my PPL in 1996 after 40 hours 25 mins. Half way through my IMC rating and night rating a divorce put paid to further flying.
I have flown several times in the club plane at Livernon [a Cessna 150] and want to revalidate my licence now I have more time.

Hi Mike

Thank you very much for your message posted here on the francoflyers site.
I have flown over Figeac several times, in fact one of my pupils lives about 15 minutes drive from there.it is a lovely part of France.
You are also lucky to have the beautiful town of Cahors not too far away from you.

I have flown into Cahors many times and I have always had a warm welcome and lots of help from the locals, they have a good restaurant on site which is always an added bonus.

I am happy to help you re validate your licence,i expect that you will need to have a few flights with me to get back into the swing of things. Do you need a flight with an examiner? or just a flight with an instructor? We can supply the remedy to either of these options.We have a CAA registered examiner at the Aero Club de Limoges, I am a British registered ground examiner and can sign your paperwork for the CAA, just advise me of your requirements and we can take it from there.

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