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18 April 2008


Hi Kai

I have never experienced any problems with speaking to Lille when going to or from Biggin Hill and was therefore puzzled by your reference to Lille no longer dealing with VFR traffic.

As you will see from the 'French Air Traffic Rules' link on the sidebar of this blog, Lille is given as one of the recommended contact frequencies for reporting at the FIR boundary and the Lille approach frequency is also shown on the latest 'Le Touquet' chart.

Incidentally, if you do make contact with Lille, they will usually have all of your details from the filed flight plan.

While it is not compulsory to maintain contact with London FIS, they will be able to advise on the status of the Lille Approach frequency (currently 120.275) or advise on a suitable alternative.

The 'French Air Traffic Rules' also suggest several 'border' aerodromes which may be contacted for this purpose if the FIS (SIV) unit is unavailable.

For your intended route, Calais would be the appropriate station to contact.

All of the SIV speak good English and I have always found them to very helpful.

If you do not receive a reply from your nearest controller, change to the next SIV on your route and they will help you.

I find flying in France much easier than flying in the UK so just relax and do not worry about asking for help (that is what they are there for).

Please could you post the result of your trip on Francoflyers when you return.

Best wishes


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