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30 April 2008


Hi John

I have sent an email to the CAA for a definitive answer.

I will post the reply as soon as I receive it.

I believe that you can get excellent Instrument training in Arcachon on the west coast of France.

If you already have a FAA IR, it is only valid in France on an N registered aircraft.

Hi John

Please see the answer from my CAA colleague below.
I shall now contact the DGAC for their opinion on this.

"Re the US Licence in France, I am not sure of the French rules but as its an ICAO licence it should be acceptable in another ICAO State. He will need to contact the DGAC to find out if a validation is required. He will nedd a FCC radio licence if he doesn't have one as the FAA licence has no radio privileges outside the US.http://wireless.fcc.gov/commoperators/rp.html It might be easier to obtain a JAA PPL which he should be able to use without question.
Instrument training would presumably be in French and not much use on a FAA licence. He would have to pass all the JAA IR exams before he could do any JAA Instrument training."

I am still waiting for the DGACC comment on this question.I will post the answer as soon as I receive it.

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