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09 April 2008


I am a flexwing microlight (ULM) flyer with a house near St Hilaire la Treille (near Magnac Laval). I love flying in France and will be relocating the aircraft (flying it over) in May/June. I will be flying into Dave Lords superb grass strip near Azat le Ris (between Magnac Laval and Le Dorat) www.wanafly.co.uk Dave offers Flexwing and 3 axis Microlight training, in English, and can advise on exams etc. Hopefully, this may be of help to you, Malcolm. If you need any further ULM information I will be pleased to help.

Your site is proving very valuable in my flight planning, Sue, especially the French phraseology. This is a great resource for English speaking flyers in France, but I don't know how you find the time to do it all!

Thanks again.

Best Regards
Roy Redman

While Dave Lord is a great instructor, he is a UK instructor and not a French one.
I obtained my French ULM license by taking a test of around an hour with a French instructor, I then had to take another one of about 15 minutes to authorise me to carry passengers. As I also have a UK PPL(A), I did not have to do the theory test, but have a book with all the multiple choice questions in it anyway.

I also want do do the theory exam for ULM
Could you give me a link to the book with theory questions ?

Kind regards

I can't seem to find the book at the moment, but looking at the ulmstex website, I think it is "Q.C.M. Préparation à l'examen" listed in the boutique. It cost about €30 and I would think that it is available form any ULM club shop.

I think it's "QCM Examen théorique pilote ULM - PARAMOTEUR - MULTIAXE"
I saw it on Ebay, see link:


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