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07 April 2008


I will look into this for you.My experience of military restricted zones is that you cannot fly through them.They are not restricted at weekend and holidays.
Each FIS that you contact will be able to advise you if that particular area is active or not.If it is active they will route you around the active area.
You mention approach frequencies, my suggestion is that you speak to the flight information services ( SIV) on your route.They will hand you over to the next FIS as you continue to your destination.
I will try to find further information for you.

Just a further comment on military airspace, usually the corridor is not very deep therefore it is not difficult to fly above or below it depending on the particular airspace.
Each week day if I wish to fly west I must remain below 3300ft QNH to avoid the military airspace above me (Cognac).If I wish to go south I must remain 1500ft above the surface which means I need to be 3000ft above the surface in that particular area as this space is a low flying corridor.
The FIS service warn pilots if they are approaching a military corridor which is active.
I have never received FIS which was not a radar service.Therefore the controllers know where all the aircraft are subject to the use of transponders.
Yesterday, when flying, I was advised of military jets 1500ft below me.

Thanks! Very helpful!

I am planning a similar route in the summer and checking the latest France North and low level corridors charts from the SIA I see LF(R)102 is now Cambrai TMA 2 (class D) FL45/FL195 so transit might be possible. LF(R)53 is a low level corridor only active on weekdays 0800-1000 UTC and after dark and then only when activated by NOTAM. If you are signed up to OLIVIA on the SIA web site you can get this NOTAM 24hrs in advance. N.B. LF(R)53 is up to 2100 ASTC which the notes say means 2800AMSL. LF(R)45 N1-N5 can be active 0730-1000 UTC any weekday and on Mon, Tues, Thur 1130-sunrise UTC, but again by NOTAM

This is the reply which I have received from a very experienced instructor at the Aero club.

Contact FIS Lille et ensuite FIS Seine
Il donne une route à suivre ou les contacts en fonction de l'activité des zone militaires.

The translation is as follows: Contact FIS Lille
and after that contact FIS Seine.They will give you a route to follow depending on the activity of the military zones.

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