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22 May 2008


Hi John

Thank you for your article and your support.

I am the one who is truly delighted to have been able to show you and many others that flying is fun !!!

Despite the best efforts of mother nature and Ryanair, I finally made it to Limoges to 'Fly in France' and it was certainly well worth the wait. It was an absolute pleasure flying that brilliant little Robin aircraft, and having Sue as a guide and mentor for the time there. We had a nice run out to Ile D'yeu for lunch with a couple of touch and go's at Saumur and Chatellerhault on the way home one day, and a visit to the Millau viaduct on another day. The scenery and the flying conditions were superb. I initially had some reservations about my schoolboy French and communications, but these turned out to be totally unfounded as the main region controllers spoke excellent English and were extremely understanding and helpful. Maybe need to brush up a bit for some of the smaller airfields where only French is spoken though. All in all, a very pleasant experience and I'm looking forward to going back over and doing some more in the near future.
I would certainly agree with the sentiments of John Milnes, and express my thanks to Sue for my introduction to flying in France.
I am fairly new to flying, but I would say to anyone who is having second thoughts about flying in France.......Just do it !!! You won't regret it.
Thanks again Sue, and hope to be back soon.

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