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22 May 2008


Dag Frank!
What A lovely idea - to bring the Chippy to Libourne. I'd love to pay a visit when I'm in France in July. I have some 200 hrs on type; a check-out would be wonderful, if you trust me with your lovely aeroplane. I'd love a go in LTMM also.
my email is davidhenderson747@hotmail.com
Tel Portable +44 7787 987793.
+44 1483 233918 (Home)

Hi Frank

This is most useful news, thank you for sharing it with us.
I shall certainly advise any of my pilots where to go for tailwheel flying or tuition.

I have flown into Libourne in the past and enjoyed the experience.
I shall now revisit especially to enjoy the good food at your recommended restaurant.
Please give me more details of how to find this place is it on or near to the airfield?.

Hi Frank
Thanks for the info Frank, some friends and I plan to fly down the west coast and across to Carcasonne next week so we may well call in now that we know how friendly Libourne is.
This type of info is very useful especially to new pilots who are very apprehensive of flying into the unknown, more of it please.
Does any one know anything about Sainte Foy Le Grande as we would also like to call in there.
Regards Reg

Hi Reg
It is good to receive your comments about flying into different airfields in France.

I have visited many different airfields in France large and small,without exception I have had a warm welcome and offers of help when needed.
Carcassonne has such a wonderful old city that you will not fail to love it there.

A little bit of advice ,sometimes when the weather is superb all over the region Carcassonne can be covered in fog, so prepare an alternate airfield in case you need to divert.
We hope to print the reports of your trip on our francoflyers site in the near future.
Have a good flight and lots of happy landings.

sorry I am late to react(been abroad); Libourne, LFDI, has a simple but tasty restaurant on the field, for lunch. Aerodrome not very busy, so if you need to refuel better phone aeroclub before. Hard runway and grass (both 04/22)Freq: 120,65 Auto (French compulsory)

St Foye, quiet, grass only (long and large), friendly, gliders and restaurant for lunch.
Be careful with military corridors!


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