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15 May 2008


Hi All,

Just a small point to add to this message.

You must carry ID for the aircraft as well, ownership certificate from your CAA, Insurance documents etc.

We recently popped over to Le Touquet and were “met” by a Customs helicopter patrol which goes around checking documents - and also looked in the ‘hold’, moved plane covers around etc - and naturally everyone had to have passport/photo ID.

This was a ‘first’ for our club which has been doing these trips for at least 40years but fortunately we had all the doc’s!


Good point Bob

At the Aeroclub de Limoges, we are requested to carry the aircraft documents on every trip so this seems to be a standing rule in France.

Perhaps Sue could give us the 'chapter and verse' on the rules.

Sadly, thanks to the worldwide tightening of anti terrorism rules, security is becomming extremely tight at the international airports.

Arriving is a doddle but trying to get back to your aircraft can be a problem.

You need to produce your PPL or CPL licence plus some photo identity (e.g. a passport) plus all of the aircraft documents.

Usually, you have to go through security but normally the procedure is to fast track the GA pilots through the security system.

When I tried to return to my aircraft after landing at Perpignan, my departure coincided with a Ryanair arrival.

I was advised that the current rule stated that we must not be on the apron during the time any international flight was disembarking.

Therefore, I had to wait for over 45 minutes before being allowed to return to my aircraft.

As you can imagine, owing to this bureaucracy, I have not returned to Perpignan since that incident!

That is interesting, particularly about Perpignan, as I am hoping to fly out of there this year, In my limited experience, clubs like White Waltham insist that you take the aircraft docs with you on all flights, including training flights. Sherburn however doesn't. and I know Limoges does... what are the regulations on this... is it up to the owner or what?

Hi John

In France it is mandatory to carry the documents in the aircraft at all times.

Incidently, the same rule applies for all vehicles in France.
I have been asked to produce the documents at several aiports in France.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday in Perpignan,if you are using a home based aircraft the international arrivals rule at the airport does not apply to you.

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