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22 May 2008


I don't think IFR OCAS is prohibited in France, which means it is permitted.

However, the matter seems to be moot.

If you enter IMC in Class G, you don't need a clearance for it because nobody has the authority to give you an IFR (or any other) clearance in Class G anyway.

But eventually you hope to land! And any airport in France which supports an IFR arrival will be in CAS (Class E upwards) and at that point you will need an IFR clearance.

In the USA this is called a "popup" clearance, and you can get them in France too. I have done this myself, and it is normally trivial... just say "Nxxxx request IFR clearance".

So, if you enter IMC you may as well ask for the clearance there and then and get into the IFR system with plenty of time to play.

I have the reply to your IFR question from a French Instructor..

Of course it is possible to fly IFR in class G, but the control service is not guaranteed.
However, for the second question the answer is NO.
It is not possible to fly VFR with or without a flight plan in IMC.
In controlled airspace, it is always possible to request an IFR clearance, but it will be valid only within the range of airspace which manages the zone in question (for example LIMOGES approach TMA LIMOGES only)
Alternatively contact the control sector in which he is located and file a flight plan AFIL with the uncertainties associated with them.
The best is option is to file an IFR PLAN for the entire journey.

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