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20 May 2008


The French are not implementing the rule for private flight at present.They are only enforcing it for commercial traffic.
Small airfields like Saint Junien will remain "air to air" in French.

The feedback received from French pilots at the Aero Club is that they want to be competent in Enlish radio telephony to enable them to fly in Europe with out any worries.Hopefully it will move in the right direction in the future.

The ICAO rules regarding language proficiency are still quite unclear in continental Europe.

Unfortunately you shouldn’t expect all uncontrolled French terrains to switch to English due to this new regulation.

It may even be worse as a non French speaking pilot may be asked to prove at least a level 4 (operational) in French for A/A communication on terrains when “French only” is noticed on the VAC chart. However there is no current sign from the French Air authorities that such a measure would ever be taken.

The first FCL 1.028 language proficiency tests just took place in early 2008 in France. Let's wait a little bit...

Hi, I am a member of the Aero Club d'Agenais, not surprisingly based at Agen (La Garenne). The club here is taking the future English requirement very seriously and is running English Language courses one evening per week. There are also commercial firms touring the aero clubs in the South West of France offering "English for French pilots" courses. Complete with custom produced text books etc.
Personall. I could do with "French for English pilots", but getting better.
Bob D

Hi Bob

Thanks for you information, I have flown into Agen a couple of times so next time I shall have to give you prior warning and we can meet up for a coffee or something.
At the Aero Club de Limoges, I am going to run English Radio Telephony classes starting in the Autumn.
With regard to your requirement for "French for English pilots" we have the very thing on Francoflyers see Radio Telephony under categories on the side bar.

Hi Bob

Please could you find out for me the name of the text books that you mentioned which are being used for teaching English / French telephony in the SW of France.

Hi Sue,
Sorry for delay in response.
I was shown the text books by the local rep, I think from the UK "Oxford" training organisation, but didnt get the full details. The Club have decided to go their own way re English Tuition. Not sure what official text book they are using . It may be this one:


I will find out and get back to you.

Thanks for info re French Radio, 'Will study appropriately.


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