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21 May 2008


That's a good question—not only because it gives me the opportunity to plug the availability of FREE French airfield charts from the link on the sidebar of this blog, but also because it neatly illustrates the type of 'jargon' that most of us tend to accept without question or much understanding.

The chart for Blagnac does indeed say that 3 hours PPR is required for 'commercial assistance' though I am blowed if I know what 'commercial assistance' is meant to mean.

The fact that the airfield is open for general aviation (CAP) is rather more-prominently displayed as are the approach procedures.

Perhaps Sue can elucidate (she's always doing that).

Hi Terry

I have discussed this with one of our examiners and his view is that you do not need prior permission for a non commercial flight.

He suggested that it may be better for you to file a VFR flight plan as this will give you the best attention from the controllers at Blagnac airport at all times.

I flew into Blagnac about three years ago in the Robin 180. I did not ask for prior permission.

It is a very big and busy airport (it seemed as big as heathrow to me). I remember that I was treated extremely well.

I paid a 10 euro landing fee and had as much free coffee as I could drink.

I hope that this remains the same for you.

Good luck!

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