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03 June 2008


Hi David

I have discussed this with one of our examiners,

Of course, you can fly in France without a transponder though you will not generally be allowed into Class D airspace.

In class D airspace, it is the controller's duty to separate IFR and VFR traffic, and must therefore know your exact position at all times.

Unfortunately, the charts do not show any transponder mandatory zones.

May I suggest that you talk to a FIS (SIV) prior to approaching any controlled airspace and he may be able to help you route around his airspace.

New posting received from one of our trusty controllers at Limoges Bellegarde Airport with reference to the question FLYING WITHOUT A TRANSPONDER.

In FRANCE VFR fligts must have a transpondeur :
1. in class B C D airspaces (that's the rule) .
2. sometimes in others airspaces when it is mentionned on charts, like a compulsory route or special VFR in a class E CTR.
3. in night flight (except for local flight).
4. you can also ask for a derogation from civil aviation authorities in certain cases(e.g. if your aircraft is based on an airfield situated in class D).
You can find this law in sia web site. The tittle of it is :
Arrêté du 21 juin 2001
relatif aux équipements de communication, de navigation, de surveillance et d’anti-abordage
installés à bord des aéronefs volant dans les régions d’information de vol
de la France métropolitaine
(J.O.R.F du 25 juillet 2001)
I hope you will be satisfied of my answer instead of my speed!!
bye ,enjoy your flights and see you later. Alain
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Salut Alain

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