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01 July 2008


Hi Paul

I do not advocate listening to other pilots as they usually get it wrong.

I doubt that you need worry about your last flight if in doubt ring someone in an aeronautical Information regional centre.

I usually speak to Toulouse their number is +33(0) 562746531/32

If you file a flight plan before leaving the UK once you are in France you can close it with any FIS or a special telephone number which is used throughout France.

This number is: 0810 437 837.It can easily be remembered as it is 0810 IFR VFR the languages spoken are French and English and if you have any questions and answers regarding crossing the borders or filing /closing flight plans these people will help you.

Best wishes



I must confess to some difficulty in understanding the problem here as both Southend and Abbeville are Customs airfields (albeit with notice required at Abbeville) and you filed a flight plan, as required.

I think that those other pilots must have been 'pulling your plonker' which is a bit irresponsible as there is enough to think about when crossing the channel for the first few times.

Fortunately, Francoflyers has some useful articles on the subject:

Flying to France, by Mike Grierson- http://www.francoflyers.org/2008/05/flying-to-franc.html

Flight Plans, by Sue Virr- http://www.francoflyers.org/2008/01/flight-plans.html

FYI 30 minutes is the minimum time for filing a flight plan and ATC (if present) at the departure airfield will normally activate it for you.

Paul Hi- My advise would be to lookup:
sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/html/framset_aip_fr.htm Then LFOI for full info on any airfield. As you will see it requires Customs 4hrs PN for LFOI.To arrive or depart.
Enjoy France it,s great flying.


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