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14 July 2008


Hi James

The French authorities will accept an I.C.A.O licence for day VFR. I have written about this problem on Franco Flyers in the past.I hope that this enables you to enjoy the wonderful flying which is available here in France.

Thanks for the info! Glad to here it isn't complicated for a change!

Hi Sue,

Just found your flyingblog and also your corporate website. Well I am impressed with what you are doing in Limoges, that's great. I am myself a french dude who had to immigrate to the UK to pursue my dream of flying! I joined CTC Aviation and now just about to get on easyJet as F/O on the 319.

Quick question since I have got also an ICAO NZ PPL with SEP rating:

Would you confirm the fact that one can fly a G - Reg aircraft with an ICAO PPL in France, ie in french airspaces?

Well now it's not an issue anymore since I ve got my CAA CPL but I was just curious to see if that was possible.

Fly Safe,


We have received extensive correspondence on these 'mix and match' licencing issues and we are trying to construct a 'generic' answer which will cover most situations.

It is always difficult to separate opinion from fact in these matters and more so when working across different languages.

I think that the authoritative answer to any of these questions comes from what the state in which the aircraft is registered will allow.

In our correspondence with sources at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we have been advised that:

For UK-registered aircraft, any ICAO licence is valid in a G Reg aircraft anywhere in the World for private (unremunerated) privileges with the limitation of no IFR in controlled airspace; however Night flight is generally accepted as OK.

For French-registered aircraft, we have been advised, from sources in the DGAC, that any ICAO licence is valid for Day, VFR flights only though I suspect that further investigation may reveal an expanded definition of the rules.


Les King
Site Administrator

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