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01 July 2008


Hi David

There is a useful Francoflyers article on Uncontrolled Airfields at: http://www.francoflyers.org/2008/01/uncontrolled-ai.html

A few appropriate French phrases will also cme in handy-our very popular article on French Radio Calls can be found at: http://www.francoflyers.org/2008/03/french-radio-ca.html

Hi David

We do not have overhead joins in France or I believe anywhere else in the world.
The normal procedure is to fly over the airfield at minimum of 1500 ft above ground level determine which runway is in use from the wind sock and integrate down wind at circuit height. Giving other pilots your whereabouts in the circuit.

Best wishes


hi,i have just started a radio telephony lesson.would you please send me a detailed information on what i need to know and the terms i need to use from the time of departure to the time of landing.thanks.Augustine


You don't mention if you wish to learn radio procedures in French or English.

A good guide to English radiotelphony is the UK Civll Aviation Auhority Radiotelephony Manual which may be downloaded from http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP413.PDF

We also have a basic guide to French Radiotelephony on Francoflyers at http://www.francoflyers.org/2008/03/french-radio-ca.html

For further study of French radiotelephony, I can recommend 'La Maîtrise de la Radio pour pilote privé et pilote professionnel' (CD-ROM) which is available from http://www.amazon.fr or http://www.boutique.aero

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