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14 October 2008


Thank you Mike for a splendid article !

When recently reading the excellent book, Vulcan 607, metioned in this article, I was astonished to learn that WW2-vintage H2S radar had been the principal method of navigating overland to potential targets in the Soviet Union.

H2S, being ground-mapping radar, wasn’t much use over h2o.

A fascinating book which illustrates how well our armed forces cope with the challenges of equipment barely adequate for the purpose.

Great web site. Looking forward to an exchange. We're the Air Force Navigators Observers Association (AFNOA) here in the US and we publish a quarterly news letter DR AHEAD, plus we collect and access to the aviation museums navigation gear and do technical support. Please contact us via www.afnoa.org , www.usaf-nav-history.com and or me the AFNOA Historian at www.ronbarrett.com ronaldpbarrett@yahoo.com. Thank you, Ron Barrett, USAF Ret NavBomb

This post is a little late I guess, but a nice article Mike. Are you perhaps one of those who still holds/held the UK Flt Nav licence ? I still have my own (lapsed in ‘84/85) but it is far from being in pristine condition.

Your name rings a bell perhaps - 35 at EGXJ ?

Regards from Ernie Todd

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