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20 November 2008


Hi James

Many thanks for this excellent piece of information.
At last we are moving forward to a new era of IFR approaches.I am sure that all my readers will appreciate this article.
Keep up the good work.
If you see any of the people concerned with the school at Thruxton, please send them my kind regards.
I flew into Compton Abbas in July, for lunch with a student, during one of my flight experience trips to and from France.Next time I shall look you up.

Indeed, a historic and long-overdue step forward in navigation technique.

Perhaps we can even look-forward to the day when the so-called 'navigation computer' is consigned to the museum where it belongs.

Electronic calculators and proper computers do the job much better than this inaccurate mechanical device and even the 'purists' can achieve a better result by drawing the 'triangle of velocities' diagram on the map.

Arguments about batteries running-out are largely irrelevant given that very few private pilots attempt to recalculate their heading, true airspeed, etc, by using these devices in flight—'rules of thumb' or small 'trial and error' adjustments to counteract observed drift are the normal methods of adjusting the flight path.

As for adjusting airspeed for temperature, pressure altitude, r's in the month and the heading for deviation, variation, star sign, etc, neither the average pilot, the met information, the aircraft instruments or the device are accurate enough for these calculations to be meaningful within the normal GA flight envelope.

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