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22 November 2008


HI SUE, I'm very sorry for CASSIE, but life is still life and we have to prepare the last flight when dark ages is coming. She gave you so gladden days, I'm sure only the best moments are staying for ever.
Don't worry about your lolely "French", i'm like you, i'm waiting the lovely day where my Englih will be fluent... I hope it will be soon.
Best regards,André.

Hi Andre and everyone who has sent me such lovely messages of support following the loss of "Cassie".
I agree with your sentiments,life goes on and nothing is permanant, "Cassie"has given me 23 years of happiness and a wonderful leaving present in the unexpected foal "Miracle". I am proud to have owned her and to see her offspring doing so well internationally.
Once again many thanks!

Sue, the Cranes were a manificent sight, as far as the eye could see on a hazy afternoon. Although, I don't remember hearing any requests to enter the circuit, or warning of close formation flying.
We are all very sorry to hear and know about your poor "Cassie" although anyone who has visited will testify, she led a very happy and pampered life. I hope Miracle is happier again soon.
Can't wait to get out and do that Solo now.

Did anybody get a good picture of the cranes which we could add to this article?

If so, please send it to les@francoflyers.org and I will 'do the necessary'.

Hi Sue
Love your web page very interesting and informative. My wife and I have been flying down to a small strip in Rabastens 15k north of Tarbes for the last couple of years, this is being developed into a small Airparc. Being very uncertain of our French radio calls we have always used larger airports where we know English will be spoken. However you have encourged us this year to try out the smaller strips / airfields and have been greeted at all very warmly and have received a great amount of help aquiring taxis hotels food etc.
We landed at Limoges last September to clear customs, knowing that larger airports can be very strict on reporting points we approached from the North west and made contact with a very busy air traffic controller who gve us number one if we could be on the ground in two minutes, no problem so 1 minute 57 seconds later we were on the ground looking out for a Ryanair on finals expecting him to be behind us but no there he was heading staight for us. We obviusly exited without problem. From there we were ushered through the arriving passengers with the guard calling out flight crew coming through I can't imagine what they thought looking at us in shorts and tee shirts. "Their pilots" This most certainly wouldn't happen in the UK.
As you say Limoges is a very large modern and friendly airport we will certainly be coming back again. The only downside is that we couldn't pay a landing fee and have now received an invoice for 4.35€ which is proving difficult to pay.
When we next fly in is it possible to get to the flying club bearing in mind we will probably have flown direct from the UK. Clearing Customsetc?
Regards Reg

Hi Reg

Thank you for a heartwarming email.
Yes, next time you come, let me know by email and I will make sure that someone is available to greet you.
I agree that it is very difficult to pay landing fees after you have returned to Britain. Unfortunately I now seem to find this situation at most of the airfields which I visit in France, their new policy is to send the bill to the owner of the plane afterwards, I have stood at the desk and offered to pay on several occasions but they refuse to take the money. The bill then arrives months later when my students have returned to the UK.
Life would be easier if we were all using the euro!

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