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17 December 2008


As a firmly terrestrial fellow veteran computer "nerd" I found your experiences with the autopilot interesting. I'm relieved that nowhere does your post mention "Microsoft" or "Windows".

A very interesting article.

I must admit I like to take advantage of the Autopilot on F-GUVE, as it gives you a chance to look out and enjoy the French Countryside even more especially when on long trips.

It is also very useful when flying in busy airspace and somewhere you have never flown before, when the workload is very high reading maps, making radio calls and looking out for other aircraft.

However I do not fly with the Autopilot on all the time as I still love to fly the aircraft by myself however it is a fantastic 'gadget' to have onboard.

Best Wishes


Thanks Matt

A good example of what you say would be the East London airspace (Thames Radar area) where clearance is usually given as "not above 2400", you need to maintain maximum available altitude in order to 'land clear' in the event of engine failure, there is a need for very accurate navigation to avoid City Airport traffic and there is always the possibility of being diverted out of the area or sent 'into orbit' if ATC are busy.

We locals are used to it but the autopilot would be a great confidence-booster for pilots who normally fly in the tranquil airspace of rural France.

They could, of course, go round the area but then they would miss a spectacular tour past Tower Bridge, City of London, Millenium Dome, Royal Naval College, Canary Wharf, etc.

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