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13 December 2008


Well done, Sue, you are a great asset to the club, have a lovely Christmas and we will see you early in the New Year. Dave & Carole Barrow

Dear Sue: Congratulations to you.

All is well in Ireland - the weather is not good for flying. Michael passed his PPL in October and is delighted.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

Kind regards,

Maureen and Michael O'Neill
Kilcullen, Co. Kildare Ireland

Dear Sue,

Congratulations for the honors !!
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to visiting your facility soon.

Seasons Greetings


Congratulations Sue!

well done Sue - how well you have done in France - lovely to hear your news - Barbara & Trevor Rigby

Thank you all for your wonderful support-- I could not have achieved anything without you all !

Félicitations et encouragements, Sue tu es une strong woman. Bonnes vacances en GB et au plaisir de t appercevoir à Limoges. je vole peu en ce moment. j espère bien améliorer cela en 2009

Congratulations Sue very pleased everything has turned out so well for you in the last 5 years in France you fully deserve it
Love Barbara and George Sheppard

Brilliant news! I am delighted as I know you have worked so hard in the last few years offering both French and non-French flyers alike the opportunity to fly in France and experience the beautiful countryside and excellent flying conditions.

We must get me licensed again and I am over in February's for a week so I will send dates so we can book out now.

best wishes


Congratulations !! on being appointed the CFI. That's one helluv an achievement, considering you did not speak (initially)a word of French
! Can imagine how much hard work has gone in to change attitudes around.
I am on that same boat at the moment. Just speaking basic French & having to face hurdles in finding suitable employment in IT.
What a shame.
Anyways you have made all the english speakers proud.Hats off to you.
I hope to drop in to nearly heaven soon.

Enjoy your holidays.
Seasons Greetings from Perpignan

Dear Sue

Many congratulations on the progress you have made and you appointment.

Certainly an accolade well deserved!

It has been too long since we visited you and hope to return in the near future.

Best regards

Frank, Sharon and the kids

Excellent stuff! It's great to know that there is the possibility to take the PPL in English here in France.

Rob Hirons,
Snowy Marseille!

Hi Rob

Thank you for those kind words.

I shall be delighted to help you with your PPL whenever you choose to begin the training.

Yes, Marseilles has certainly suffered with the snow, I have received some fantastic pictures of people skiing in the street etc.Here in my part of the Limousin we had only a small amount of snow.The weather has been perfect for flying, no turbulence or wind just excellent visibility, but so cold!

I may be in your area sometime in the future, because,since I have become an examiner I am receiving requests to do skill tests and PPL revalidation's from many clubs on the South Coast of France.
Thank you for the posting.

Hi Sue

thanks for the answer and once again, well done! In fact, I have the PPL since last year! Since getting it, I now do all my communication, checklists, briefings, and everything in English, unless of course I go to a French only airfield. This was indeed a great relief and all ATC centers seem to be happy to practise their English as do other pilots when we fly together.

I am actually very interested in becoming an instructor at some point in the future, so indeed if you are ever in the Marseille area, please let me know. I would be interested to have your opinion and thoughts on the subject.

I am also very interested in gaining a CPL and IFR rating, but the cost seem prohibitive and the IMC rating is not recognized in France.

Please let me know via email if you are in the area.

many thanks

Rob Hirons

Hi Rob

Congratulations on gaining your PPL!

I am delighted that you are enjoying flying in France,it is such a wonderful country to explore by air.
Perhaps you could share some of your flying experiences in an article for the blog.

I shall let you know when I come South which may
be in a few weeks time -- weather permitting.
Best Wishes


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