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30 January 2009


When I read this excellent article on aerial photography, I asked the Author about the problem I have often experienced with window reflections.

It seems that Sun position is the primary cause of the reflections and a lens hood will certainly reduce the flare effect.

David also advised that window reflections can be reduced by using a higher 'depth of field' to focus beyond the window.

Flying an aircraft presents many unique photo-opportunities and this article has inspired me to get up there and have another go.

What a fabulous article David what an experience.

Knowing you for many years in the UK as a friend and photographer of many wonderful portraits of my family and friends it gave me great pleasure to read about your expansion into ariel photography.

Keep going David, if you ariel photographs are as impecable as the portrait and wedding photography you will have no doubt an excellent future in this field.

Good Luck

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