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14 January 2009


Pretty cool - Not sure that I would try it in a Robin DR400

Would probably end-up in the splosh.

Now that’s what separates "les hommes" from "les garçons"! And the people on the beach too!

Hi Stuart
Thank you for this posting,it is superb in fact it makes me very envious , I have always wanted to fly in the Caribbean.

Of course now we may change the rules a little so when you come to fly with me we shall use this as the criteria for our circuits!

You can see at the far end of the runway on the last picture there is in fact a small flying club here in St Barts where there are Cessna 172's and DR400's.
I will try to post the video I have done of a few landings onto youtube as it really gets the heart racing when viewed from the beach.

Those Twin Otter's never did flare very well - that landing even bent the runway!

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