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05 March 2009


Hi Herve

Thank you for your message.

You will not have any problem speaking English from England to Cannes as all the flight information services are offered in English.

Any large airport will have an English speaking controller and these guys are always most helpful.

Just stay away from the huge ones like Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseilles but the rest like Limoges, La Rochelle, Rodez, Bergerac, Carcasonne, etc, are superb.

You will be well looked after, I can assure you of that.

Just beware that at weekends some airports, like Poitiers (on a Sunday), close the tower.

It is much easier flying in France than in England.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Dear Sue,
You have been recommended by Dorothy Pooley.
I am Half way through fixed wing PPL & all exams complete bar RT which I hope to do in next couple of weeks. Frustarted by UK I am interested in completing, poss in France with yourself.
Would you contact me. Linda Faulkner

Hi Linda

It will be a pleasure to help you.
Please contact me on my home email info@nearlyheaven.com.


Dear Sue,

I am planning to flying vacation to fly solo from Shobdon to Jerez in Spain via Cherbourg (Landing) la Rochelle (landing) and direct to San Sebastian in Spain (landing) then on to Madrid/Jerez. My question is the danger areas along the coast seem complicated with lots or varying altitudes/layers, can clearance or information be obtained in advance, do you get clearance from the relivant FIS in the air or or are they just best avoided?

Thanks for your help, I will certainly plan on calling in to Limoges on the route back

Hi Bob

The danger areas are not active all the time.
The flight information services will tell you if they are active or not,if they are active the FIS will probably ask you to contact the military they will provide the frequency for that particular area and you just ask for transit.If that is impossible the FIS will suggest the easiest way for you to bypass the area.Personally I have never had a problem on the coast.All the flight information services are helpful and speak English so do not worry about this.
If you go on the SIA website Olivia ( which is in English) you can find all the, weather notams etc pertaining to the route.
Good Luck and it would be nice to have a story and photographs of your trip for the blog!

It is worth noting that sometimes the west coastline has very strong winds,therefore some of the airports (La Baule is one of them) have very strong crosswinds at times.
The journey down that coastline is very beautiful and when you land at La Rochelle take a taxi to the old port where you will find the most superb sea food restuarants and a wonderful ambiance.

Good luck with your trip.

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