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03 March 2009


What can I say after having a terrific week here in Limoges.
I have flown every day at least twice, sometimes 4 times in a day, I have been able to experience the land mark of flying my first solo, I have even managed to complete some of the ground school exams. With a standard of instruction I have not come across before and a level patience to match I can safely say Sue Virr, you are in danger of turning me into a pilot.
I can honestly say the experience has been unbelievable, to be able to spend a full week flying and concentrate on nothing but flying has been the way to make progress for me, Sue seems to have a rare quality in the teaching world nowadays and that is that she really does care, she has a sixth sense, maybe call it women's intuition but she is has an uncanny knack of knowing what's going on inside your head and helping to teach you in an individual way. To experience dealing with air traffic like Limoges is a great way to learn, as the tower is wonderfully friendly, which went a long way to helping me get into being able to use the radio correctly, and where else could you be asked to take a long down wind leg as there is an French airforce Alpha jet on in the circuit with you, oh aswell as the C130......
I have had the pleasure of staying at Nearly Heaven and as the name says its...........
I am chuffed to pieces that I have found Sue and Nearly heaven as I also feel as though I have made a good friend and been made to feel incredibly welcome.

The pleasure was all mine teaching such a enthusiasic student.Ys, you have certainly made a new friend, I shall look forward to the next time you come back to resume your tuition.

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