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27 July 2009


and what was the answer about the cranked wing on the Robin ? I will be doing my flight test before the end of the year in Limoges....?
Its nice to hear first hand how the test goes, congrats......

I believe that the 'cranked wing' configuration found only on Robin aircraft are twisted nose-down so that they only generate lift and therefore drag when the aeroplane is climbing or coming in to land.

In cruise they produce no lift, very little drag, and enhance the wingtip airflow and lateral stability.

This is the secret to the DR400's realively high performance.

Glad you found the article useful, Stuart. I deliberately angled it at students like yourself who wanted an idea about the structure of the GFT.

Cranked wing - in a nutshell the outer section has a lower angle of attack than the inner which therefore stalls first, hence little or no wingdrop. The examiner accepted this, anyway!

Goodluck with your test when the time comes.

Could you please tell me if you took the exam in French? I live in France but don't speak French !
Thank you !!

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