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18 January 2010


Hi Scott - Thank's for your question.

I know that we have a number of readers in the Cannes area and some may be able to help.

You might also find some of the information you require on this blog.

A club and Instructor in the Cannes area is mentioned in the follwing post:

There are some useful tips on the French VFR rules here:

I recently added a 'site search' facility to the blog and this should help you find more relevant information.


in fact what happened in the article I wrote was that, although I am based in Aix Les Milles, we had to hire a Piper PA 38 from an Aeroclub in Cannes because our plane was grounded. The flight examiner was in fact from Aix and unfortunately I don't personally know of any instructers in the cannes area.
If I can be of any help in the Marseille area please don't hesitate to contact me

Hi there,
i was just living in the south of france for the passed 4 years, I have come across these guys and they are a nice bunch:
there is a place called the aeroclub du soleil who are are nice bunch too http://www.aeroclubdusoleil.com/ and teh airport is well placed for some nice trips and a lot less hectic and cheaper than Cannes.
If you need any further advice on stuff in the south of france feel free to email me: stupix@yahoo.com

is a good site too.

I will be in the south for the best part of the summer if you are looking for anyone to keep you company for a few trips from Cannes.

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