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20 December 2010


Hi Barry

I am no longer a member of a French club but I can tell you that most of them offer air-experience flights known, in France, as Baptême de l'air.

Also, all European Pilots are now required to meet a minimum standard of English for the purposes of Air Traffic Control so English-speaking instuctors should be widely available.

It very much depends on where you are looking at in France, I English and have flown in both southern france around Cannes/Marseille also up in Limoges where I did most of my PPL training.
I loved flying in the south with the french pilots at Cannes aviation the scenery is awsome with the mixture of sea and mountains and English (http://cannesaviation.cdapplications.be/)

There is also Sue Virr in Limoges, an English JAA instructor/Examiner who teaches from AeroClub de Limoges and has a website: http://www.nearlyheaven.com/
I did my PPL training with Sue and the area is also great for getting used to flying in France with a good choice of airports, not too far from the atlantic coastline with some nice wine areas.

Funny you should mention Fife aero club it was where I did my first ever flight and then first lessons. I loved flying in Scotland some of the most beautiful scenery ever when you get good weather......

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