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01 August 2011


Hi John

I no longer belong to a French club as the deterioration of the pound against the Euro has pretty-well eliminated the economic advantages for those pilots visiting from the UK.

Having said that, I know that some French clubs can help-out by offering 'temporary' membership to visiting pilots—I am presently awaiting an article on that very subject.

As to the UK IMC, I understand that existing holders will acquire 'grandfather' rights following the EASA takeover—though exactly what that means seems to be a matter of ongoing speculation.

Hopefully, some of our readers can provide up-to-date information on the French IR situation.

Hi there,
what I have heard is the French are hoping to go it alone on this one and have this as a qualification just for french nationals, not sure how legal that is, but its what I was told at my local club


Interesting theoretical question - but my recommendation is finish that IMCR - it improves your skills immensely and there are many so instructors who can help you keep up to scratch.

The best info to date is that any valid/current UK IMCR in April 2012 - may need a minimum of a few IR hours - will get grandfather rights until EASA have a European IR in place (if ever) - and then there will be a short cut to that…

The rumoured French ICAO “restrictive” PPL/IR seems ideal for French pilots in French planes but no use and hard to maintain over here - but why isn’t CAA more imaginative and copying this initiative??

I tour extensively so an IR would be very nice & useful - I never intend to fly in IMC so the UK IMCR has given me all skills needed for any safety margin I have ever needed - so far!! Actually common sense and cowardice are good IMC skills too!!!!

Enjoy flying..


Hi John,

Currently, the only official document regarding the “French private IR rating” is available here : http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/joe_20110706_0155_001556322.pdf

To answer your questions:

1. The aforementioned document states that the IR qualification could only be applied on a PPL but did not indicate specifically that it should be French issued. I recommend consulting the local DGAC (French CAA) office for an official confirmation.

Be informed however that the privileges of this IR qualification are limited to the French airspace.

2. The theoretical training will probably be delivered within the existing professional FTO because it is very unlikely that any non-profit “aeroclub” can have both IR able planes in its fleet and properly rated IR instructors. Contact me on my email eurothan(at)gmx.net to tell me in which region of France you would like to do your training in order for me to help you identify FTOs.

PS: Les, I send you the article regarding temporary membership the 22th of July, obviously on a wrong email adress. Could you please send me a message at eurothan(at)gmx.net so that I could forward you the promised article ?

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