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25 October 2011


Hi David

It’s a couple of years since I was a member of AC Limoges and, as you know, Sue was the Club's principal English-speaking instructor.

Christian, the President when I was a member, is also a Flying Instructor who speaks English but was not then available on a full-time basis though this may have changed.

There is a fairly large population of English-speaking pilots in the Limoges area and I am sure that some will be able to point you in the right direction.



I know of a few pilots in the area, most previous students of Sue's there.
They are John Stevens, john.d.stevens@hotmail.co.uk
Gwen Jenner: gwenjenner@yahoo.com
Matthew Galvin : m.j.galvin@hotmail.co.uk
all of whom I imagine would be happy to fly with a few british pilot in the area.
I know that Matthew in particular has done a lot of flying for sightseeing with people visiting the area over the passed few years.
Kind regards
Stuart Morton

Hello David

If you are not able to locate anyone in the Limoges area, Barbara Reed is a British instructor operating out of Chauvigny. Chauvigny is a very attractive town on the Vienne river just East of Poitiers and the splendid grass 700m field is within walking distance of the old town. The Club has 2 ULMs, a Skyranger and a Pioneer 200, plus 2 DR400 Robins, a 120 and a 180 Regent. See www.acch.fr


You could try contacting Dave Lord at Wanafly Airsports. http://www.wanafly.co.uk

He’s a microlight instructor south east of Poitiers.

MAny thanks for all the comments above. They are most useful



Hi everyone
I'm not looking to take Sue's place, not that anyone could, but if we can help anyone needing a refresher, or the famous hour with an instructor, Chauvigny is not too far from Limoges. acch@free.fr is the email, or there is a web site. I am
Barbara (UK FI ) and Dominique Blaud is the Chauvigny CFI. We would be glad to assist. We have two DR 400, and could come to Limoges if there were a few people wanting to fly on the same day.

On top of all the great advice above, now that Stuart has qualified as an instructor he's opened a school in conjunction with the Aeroclub de Limousin at Limoges airport and I'm sure he could help you.

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