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24 November 2011


Les, May I add a bit about Cholet. Delightful friendly airfield, long runway and a parallel grass glider strip beside. Great cafe, very helpful tower. Interesting rusty WW1 relic is a rotary engine bolted to a rock in the carpark. Several local hotels, Formule 1 hotel pretty basic but OK.

BUT BUT BUT. If you overnight there, and phone for a taxi back to the airfield, you may discover a crucial difference between our languages. If you ask for a ride to the aerodrome de cholet, you'll be OK. If you ask for the Aeroport de Cholet, as I did, they will say they will come, and an hour later not have appeared. If you then ring five other taxi firms, they will all say they can't come, because they think you mean one of the International airports at Nantes or Tours 50 or 80 K away, an uneconomic trip for them.

This delay could lead you into making marginal decisions later in the day - it did me.

John Chapman Plymouth UK

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