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02 October 2012


Thanks for copying me in Les.
As the September 17th deadline for EASA has now passed the DGAC has to now accept the UK 7 theory exams for the issuing of an EASA license.
Therefore you can complete all of the flying here in France, have a French examiner who speaks English (we have 2 here) and do all of your 7 theory exams with us here in France if you wanted to, or in the UK and the DGAC would still issue your licence providing you have passed your skills test.
if i can be of any further help please drop me an email, stuart@cosmoflightschool.com

Hello - I'm not sure I understand how that works for the skills test? Could one - in theory - get a DGAC-issued EASA licence without having to speak a word of French?

Hi all,

I have just little question about PPL Theory exams in France, that if we study PPL ground school + theory in English language, then are we able to pass PPL Theory exams here in France?

Does GCAG France conduct exams in English language and provide the facility to students to pass exams in English?

Pardon me for the question, but someone told me that i have to go back to UK for my PPL Theory exam passing then come back to France for Practical Training, because they (French) don't allow to coduct PPL Theory exams in English here in France.

I would be thankful to you if you can clarify me this situation as i am confused about PPL Theory Exams.

Thanks and best regards

Hello Vassi,

You asked whether you can sit PPL theory exams in English, here in France: to the best of my knowledge, the answer is "no". I did my PPL theory exams here in France, in French.

Interesting to note Stuart's comment, though - the DGAC has to accept the UK theory exams for the issue of an EASA licence. I'm still unsure what language the skills test would be conducted in - French, presumably?

Hi Jenny

I know for a fact that the late Sue Virr was specifically authorised by DGAC to conduct JAR PPL ground exams in English so the principle is established.

Hopefully, Stuart can give us the definitive answer on this as he is an English-speaking Instructor operating in France.

You can indeed sit your PPL exams, in ENGLISH and in France, but it would have to be at a CAA licensed facility and a CAA approved ground examiner - Stuart Morton at Limoges is both, thus you can do your 7 theory exams in Limoges, then take your PPL test flight with whichever examiner you wish in France (in English or French) and send the whole lot off to the DGAC for them to issue you with a "French issued EASA PPL"

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