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11 December 2012


Hi Mike

I was visiting France about 2 years ago and found a small airfield just outside Arnay le Duc - they are great bunch and very friendly - I had a short flight in one of their trainers with their head instructor Robert - I highly recommend a stop there. sorry I don't have any other information about the field but it was right next door to a car racing track.

Regards from Australia

Barry west

Hi Mike

I am not sure if you have flown to France before but if not i suggest you get The flight guide to French airfields called "Delage".

You will find that most smaller airfields with clubs are extremely air friendly and you will be allowed to camp.

You might also try www.pilotfriend.com

I would also try and stick to grass airfields. I have done what you intend to do on a few occasions and it is truly wonderful.

I can give you some airfields that i have been into but quite honestly you will find them all friendly. A little bit of French does help. I fly a Super Cub

Anyway best of luck

Ian Logan


Don’t miss out on Montpezat, 800m plus, LF4724, in the SW of France

The owner Philip speaks English; there is camping, a restaurant, fuel and a Rotax workshop/agency on the field plus the possibility of hangarage.

Take care with the military low level route R46B which is just 800ft above the airfield level; it’s usually not active 1200-1400 (lunch) and usually not active at all at weekends but you need to check this as Mirage and Alpha jets routinely fly directly over the field. Even when R46B is, notionally, not active you can still get Mirages blatting about at low level, often in pairs!

The circuit is quite tight to the field (to avoid annoying the neighbours), details on the web site. Announce you intentions on radio and be aware of non-radio traffic in the circuit, it can (rarely) get very busy.

ULM Base Montpezat: :-

French Notams: -

Low level military routes: -

Best of luck,

David Walsh

Wow. I didn't expect any response so quickly. Thanks for the suggestions. And please, keep them coming.


Hi Mike, it would be easier to list the non-microlight friendly airfields in France to be honest !

I can recommend La Tranche sur Mer (LF8522) where you can camp on site or use one of the camp sites right next door. Short walk into town and the beach.

You are also welcome at our club if you are OK with a 300m runway.

Some useful links:
Microlight airfield database.

Low level military zones on a map:

French AIP and aerodrome plates:

If you need any more info especially on the west coast, take a look at the

Avoid LFCJ to the SW of Cognac even though the carte VAC says it accepts microlights - the Mayor of the town is currently having a 'bit of a huff' with the aeroclub there as they allowed ULMs to use 'his' airfield, so he closed it down!! If you are passing that way, use LFCP at Pons which is 6.8nm north and will welcome ULM/Microlight pilots.

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