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24 April 2013


Hi Jim

It's a couple of years since I flew up the Western coast of France north of Biarritz so I will leave others to advise on the current airspace restrictions.

Regarding the issue of french-only airfields, this needn't be too daunting and we have a couple of articles which should help.



Note: some quite large airfields, including La Rochelle, Poitiers and Rouen, may become uncontrolled and French-only from time-to-time, especially when there are more-urgent priorities such as lunch.

Hi Jim,

We fly the Atlantic coast all the time, so don't be put off, it's beautiful. The R and D zones are only occasionally activated for military excercises. The info below is taken from the current AIP (ENR). Contact frequencies given below are as published on the March 2013 half mil charts.

LFR31: Activation possible H24, contact AQUITAINE INFO 120.575

LFR61: SFC-3000 ASFC. Activation possible Mon-Fri only 0700-1600 UTC, contact AQUITAINE INFO 120.575

LFD18A: Activation possible H24, contact ARMOR 124.725

Hope you have a great time touring.

For the past three years I have been building a new house and I now live in the south west of France on an Airparc.

I am starting to explore the areas here and found out that flying in France is so easy and, although the charts look daunting at first glance, the ATC are extremely helpful.

That is unless you fly the day after England give France a thrashing at rugby!!!!


Don’t panic!

France is easy to fly in.

Most of these zones are time active so see http://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/asp/frameset_uk.asp?m=39 for details

See also https://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/html/frameset_aip_uk.htm for the official latest info on French airfields.

Most airfields/pilots are well disciplined and know enough English/French to accommodate a sensible Brit.!

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