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05 June 2013


Could Stuart give any advice to UK PPL's who want to get the equivalent french language qualification.

I should imagine that very few of us would be near to level 6, but if level 4 is making a good attempt at being safe in a french speaking circuit, who could one approach?

There were recently some very tetchy comments from a french CFI about english pilots being unsafe at his airfield (unnamed), so maybe the french authorities might begin to police the language requirement in their rather arbitrary way.

I realise that no foreigner can write in a UK licence, but is there a mechanism for a brit to get a bit of paper the french authorities would accept?

I hope this is of general interest.


John Chapman,
Plymouth UK

Hi John

I will leave Stuart to provide a 'professional' view on this but you may find our 'French Radio Calls' page (top of sidebar) useful.



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