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05 September 2013


Can I make some suggestions for Simon Rolfe. I assume he is interested in power flying, not gliding.

Books. I found Sparky Imeson's book "The Mountain Flying Bible Revised" a good start. See website www.mountainflying.com

There must be many flying schools in the USA which offer mountain flying training, but from a european point of view there is a good book on mountain meteorology (in French) "Petit Manuel de Meteo Montagne" by Thillet and very well illustrated by Schueller, ISBN 978-2-7234-6319-5 at about 19 Euros though I got a copy in a french supermarket for about half that.

Schoolboy french is enough to get the drift, and if you don't mind reading with a dictionary in your other hand you should be well away.

The french have a mountain flying rating, which is all the above, plus the techniques to fly into Altiports which are only usable if you hold the rating, for very good reasons indeed.

There is a website for those who want to become acquainted with operating a motorglider in the french Pyrenees at http://mp.motoplaneur.free.fr/home.htm

It is based at St Girons/Antichan, where there is also a flying/ultralight/gliding club which I found very friendly and welcoming.

The flying club website is at aeroclub.ariege.free.fr

I must not present myself as any kind of expert.

The above is based on preparation I made before taking a Grob 109b motorglider from Exeter to the french Pyrenees for 10 days 2 years ago, and taking some small steps into a beautiful new world.

John Chapman

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