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13 February 2014


Hi Fiona

Thanks for your question which I have also passed directly to Stuart.

We had quite a lot of discussion on this subject a couple of years back-the CAA generally seem to accept medicals from other countries but took exception to France, initially because they didn't have a JAR-compliant medical.

When they started issuing 'JAR' medicals, CAA accepted them for a bit but then decided that they wern't good enough despite the JAR 'stamp'.

As I understand it, that is pretty-much the posiiton today with EASA medicals-Stuart will have a more expert view on the matter.

One of my former Aeroclub de Limoges colleagues recently obtained a CAA-acceptable EASA medical in Spain where it cost about £85 which is rather better than the £250 I paid last year in London.

The other thing I diiscovered, when I travelled 'hotfoot' to CAA Gatwick, with medical in hand, a couple of years back is that it's not just enough to have the certificate but it must be on their 'system' before they will issue an EASA licence.



Great News - Have just heard from Stuart Morton that the CAA are now accepting French medicals.

Will post his response as new article so that out full mailing list gets to see it.

I live in Germany and had this problem as well with my German issued medical. Some years ago I wanted to upgrade my ICAO licence for JAR. I sent all the paperwork to the CAA just to be informed my application has been unsuccessful. I was flabbergasted! The reason, the CAA do not accept German medicals, nor the medicals from France or Lithuania. I protested informing them my medical was carried out by Lufthansa Medical Service and you cannot get any stricter than the Lufthansa doctors. To no avail! As a result I had to go to Austria and have my medical there, which btw was accepted immediately by the CAA. UNNECESSARY extra costs were involved as this was treated by the Austrian medical authorities as an "initial" medical and not a renewal. I was quite peeved to say the least.

I am very seriously contemplating converting my licence to a German EASA licence. The reason, the CAA require a medical history so I am not sure what "surprises" await me with a CAA application.

It used to be SO much less complicated in the past. I miss the good old days.

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