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27 May 2015


HI Fiona

I have posted your enquiry to Francoflyers but can probably answer the question directly.

It's true that any paperwork due must be processed by the CAA if that was the issuing authority - as was the case for all of Sue's PPL pupils, notwithstanding the fact that she was approved (by CAA and DGAC) to conduct training, exams, etc., in France.

If your licence is not actually lapsed, there shouldn't be any need to submit log books, etc., to the CAA as any suitably-qualified Flying Instructor can conduct the revalidation test, examine your log book and submit the relevant forms.

If your licence were lapsed or you haven't completed 12 hours at the point of expiry, you would need a full skills test which, I believe, needs to be conducted by a qualified Examiner - this happened to me last year and the test was just an extension of the flight test that the same individual would have given me anyway.

I'm not even sure that you actually need a CAA-licenced Instructor/Examiner for this but probably easiest to go that route.

If you belong to a club, this is not really an issue but, when I was a syndicate member, we could usually find a friendly Instructor/Examiner who would happily co-operate using our own aircraft.

If you are still in the Limoges area, the man to go to is Stuart Morton who has 'inherited' many of Sue's pupils and has pretty-well mastered all of this bureaucratic stuff - I understand that he also arranges monthly 'medical' sessions at his club (considerably cheaper than UK medicals).


Re: Licence revalidation

I am sure you will get many expert replies but telephoning the CAA would be my advice; I have always found them to be very helpful.

You might also try to contact a visiting UK Examiner/CFI and see what they suggest; at this time of year there are usually a few around the gliding clubs in the southern Alps.

David Walsh

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